Multiple Teams · Baseball Season 2020 is officially canceled; the story of the 2020 Team Photo

Hello Milaca Baseball fans! Head coach, Nick Hoffman here. It’s official, and I am heartbroken to say, the season is cancelled. It really stinks being engulfed by all this bad news, but in the process of recalibrating and trying our best to focus on the good stuff, I wanted to present to you a candid photo of a serendipitous moment on (what we now know) was the last student-day within Milaca Public Schools (March 16). To give you some background regarding how this moment came to be our 2020 team photo, I ordered new jerseys for the upcoming season earlier in the year and they happened to arrive that day. It was right around 3pm and I was like a kid opening Christmas presents, excitedly tearing open each box with anticipation. As I was doing this, a hand full of players walked in – so I threw them all a new uni and…..Voilà, Milaca Baseball’s 2020 Team Photo.

It’s nowhere near the team photo I had envisioned in my first season as a varsity coach….but, enjoy and focus on the good stuff.