Wolves News · A message from the MSHSL (11-17-2020)

At Monday’s Governor’s press briefing, Governor Walz, MDH Director of Infectious Diseases Ehresmann and Commissioner Malcolm focused on the increase in COVID-19 cases in Minnesota and the impacts it is having on the healthcare system and its providers. In answering specific questions, they indicated a desire to see a “pause on play and practice” for “youth and high school sports.” They indicated that they have been in contact with the League. As you are aware, MSHSL staff has been in consistent communication with the State on a weekly basis, if not more, since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March. In our discussions, data is exchanged regularly and while concerns about the spread of disease were discussed, information about a pause in athletics was not shared with League staff.

Governor Walz clarified today that guidance will be coming at Wednesday’s press conference. When League staff has additional specific information and details regarding what a “pause” would include, they will be shared with member schools.

We continue to advocate for the benefits that MSHSL programs provide for students and we believe League programs offered by our member schools provide the safest and most effective experiences. It continues to be a priority that League member schools abide by the guidance provided in keeping students, coaches, officials and others safe.